Links and information

Here I present few links to proven sellers. I have split the links to sellers of watches and sellers of components. Of course they overlap to some digree. I have included some notes, links and personal experience where I felt they could be useful and relevant.

Sellers of watches

Most of the below sellers are well known and well established and do not need much in term of introducing.

  • Meranom ( - Dmitry Buyalov is based in the same building in Chistopol, where the watch factory Vostok is based also. Dmitry seems to have more than friendly relatonship with the factory and can source stuff. Among other things Dmitry was also helping with the production of the Limited Edition Vostok "Ну, погоди!"
  • Komadirskie ( - Nikolay Loskutov is extremely helpful, willing to help, willing to source and to put together a custome watch from parts, if need be. The online store allows adding installing / fitting service as part of the order, for some 250 rubles, or about 5 US dollars. The work is carried out by a watch maker and he does a great job.
  • Chistopolcity ( - Another semiofficial eshop = by which I mean a well connected shop with access to official factory sources. The advantage of having a variety of Russian shops to choose from lies in the fact that if one shop is out of particular item, another shop might just have it. I do not have direct experience but I know of people who used it and said it was all good.
  • AM-Diver ( - Well known and well established eshop. You can customise and configure your Vostok before it is shipped. It is more expensive than some others but the watches are already in the EU, in the warehouse in Germany, which might be an advantage. AM-Diver also sells individual components, mainly bezels.
  • Poljot 24 ( - Julian Kampmann is well established online and has got a long reputation as reliable seller. He is more expensive than buying straight from Russia, but some people might appreciate the fact the watches are already in Europe (Germany).

Sellers of components

Bezels, cases, dials, hands - whatever you fancy. These sellers are mainly operating through eBay. Buying on eBay can be a bit of a chaos, and there seems to be no shortage of new sellers all the time. So I hope this helps - I ony include sellers whom I have a personal experience with.

The links below are links to an international version of eBay (.com), although 99% of my purchases were done through an English version ( I believe that buying from them and shipping anywhere in the world would not be a problem.

  • arkustime - this guy is from Russia and manufactures mainly bezels. Quality is absolutely top and I have purchased from him several times, always to 100% satisfaction.
  • bandukh - I think (judging by name and communication) this guy is a Russian, based in the USA. He manufactures bezels for Amphibia. Quality is excellent. I purchased from him several times.
  • boris_gvb - Boris is from Russia and he is quite well known seller. He sells watches in the factory version but also some "modded" watches (mod being mostly just a swapped bezel) and parts - bezels with and without the inserts. The bezels without insert can be used in connection with any bezel insert for Seiko SKX00x model.
  • dmit_bakh - Dmitry is another Russian seller. He sells factory model watches but also has spare bezels or can source a bezel on request.
  • dr.seikostain aka One.Second.Closer is a manufacturer and seller from Poland. He manufactures bezels and hands for Vostok movements. I have no direct personal experience but dr.seikostain has got an excellent reputation on Watch U Seek and top ratings on eBay so I would not hesitate to purchse from him.
  • ev-time - Russian seller. He usually stocks just few bezels.
  • favinov is another legend. He manufactures mainly hands but also stocks dials and bezels. Just a side note. You can sometimes find information about the second hand not being possible to fit as the tube is too short. This was unfortunately my experience, too. However, favinov sorted this an as of 01/2018 he only sells second hands with longer central tube so fitting is guaranteed. I have several sets of hands from favinov and they are great. He applies Luminova on hands so they do shine nicely.
  • koche-vikto - Viktor sells Vostok, Molnija, Poljot and other Russian watches. He usually has quite a lot to choose from. Viktor stocks bezels, bracelets and spare parts. I only have good experience with Viktor.
  • mari-vlg - Marie sells default models of Vostok Amphibia. Worth checking as she might have stock that is not available elsewhere. Just a sidenote, she also sells Russian knives.
  • pers184 - Pers is a Russian and he manufactures very interesting bezels. What I have seen is always stainless steel and nicely embossed indices on the bezels. They look great but are hard to get. Pers only sells them ocassionally so you must keep an eye on the site.
  • raffles-time is quite a recent addition to the Vostok components sellers family. He is a manufacturer and a seller from Hong Kong. He manufactures hands and you can ask him to combine hands from different sets. The hands are manufactured to high precision and fitting is no problem.

One more thing worth mentioning is quite well known Vostok fan, known under his nick IgorIV. He makes various hands for Vostok 22xx and 24xx movements. More information can be found in this thread on Watch U Seek. Direct link for the form with various hands that Igor can manufacture is here - it is a Google Forms document. However, I would still contact Igor directly when ordering. You can message him through his WUS profile - here is the contact page. By the way, the above Form contains drawings and dimensions, so it is quite easy to read document.